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From 4 July with CRO-TRAIL , Limone Piemonte is once again the Italian and world capital of the trail. Despite the difficulties, the Piedmontese holiday resort pre this summer has set up a calendar of events of all respect for high altitude running enthusiasts. We talk about it with Alberto Rovera, manager organizer CRO TRAIL – Raid Cro-Magnon and co-founder of the Run The World network


Hi Alberto, nice to see you again. A few months have passed since Limone Piemonte had to deal with hydrogeological instability .
Can you update us on today's situation?

Hello everyone, for the great restoration work carried out by the Limone Piemonte Municipality, the situation has improved a lot.


Limone Piemonte and the entire organization of the CRO TRAIL are ready to restart and attract mountain and trail enthusiasts ready to run along the slopes of the Maritime Alps. What should we expect for this edition of CRO 2021?

If we compared to the 2019 edition the program will remain unchanged, certainly this year we would have liked to reach to the sea, but unfortunately the street to the Colle di Tenda is unusable and it will be for a long time.


Did the various landslides require changes to the classic route or will the tracks be kept unchanged and how many distances are planned for this edition?

The route of the distance of 48 km will remain the same as the 2019 edition, the route of the 25 km it is possible that it will have some change because of the landslides of last October, but without modify any distance and difference in height.


What have are the precautions you have adopted to allow participants to run in total safety?

The precautions will be the same of the past editions and we will always have the precious collaboration of the various alpine rescue services.


Why should runners and trailer come and run Cro Trail?

Surely to discover the unique beauties of one of the most spectacular of the entire Alpine arc, to discover the magnificent Savoyard fortifications of the end of the 19th century and to run in the footsteps of the man of Cro Magnon ...


Thanks Alberto, good luck and we wish you great success at the CRO TRAIL – Raid Cro-Magnon 2021

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