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the world. Born and raised in Prato Nevoso, he was able to travel, visit and discover the most fascinating and unexplored places on the planet. He has organized, conceived and participated in running events in all five continents, but his nature leads him to be inextricably linked to his land and his origins.


Hi Dino, the Sunset running race is finally back to running: how much have you missed contact with the world of running and sport in general in recent months?

In recent months we have run a lot, but always alone. The world of ompetitions is aggregating and therefore always interesting of fully experience. 


The retaliation wanted that this year a lot of snow fell from the sky. Will there be a way and time to exploit all this white gold? 

Partly because of the pandemic and partly because of the practical inability of our politicians, the mountain tourism sector is eperiencing a major crisis. Ther is no skiing and therefore there is no trde, no business, no money, but at least they let us go running on the snow


Let's go back to talking about the Sunset running race: how did the idea of creating a snow run at sunset come about?

The Sunset Running Race is run on thi slope, where I train myself regularly. We can't run on the slopes while skiing, so we train only in the evening, and this is where the ide of the evenng race was born.


We read that the Sunset Running Race is considered the 10km on the most beautiful snow in Italy and among the most famous in the world. Can you tell us why?

Run on the snow, at sunset, with the colors of the evening that paint the sky over the Alps, it is a unique experience and difficult to find elesewhere. All this combined with a simple but impeccable organization, has made this race a ferference point for all other snow races.


In Prato Nevoso you have also created a unique museum in the world and a real mecca for all Snow Board enthusiasts. We would like you to introduce us the Italian Snowbard Museum, the second largest and most complete collection in the world and to tell us some particular anecdote about it.

The museum rapresents the evolution of this magnificent sport. There are over 200 plates from the fisrt twenty years (1966-1988), historical photos, covers and variuos other relics on display. There would be many anecdotes to tell, but I prefer to tell themm here on site, live. Then I'm waiting for you at Italian Snowboard Museum, and the entrance will be free.


Thanks Dino, good luck for all your projects.
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