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We ask Gabriele Giuffrida, organizer of the Volcano Sicily Trail 2021, scheduled from 23 to 30 October, to introduce us to this incredible and unique event.


Hi Gabriele, the Etna volcano, has decided to wake up and give signs of life. How are you facing this new phase of its activities?

This is a very strange activity for Etna. In the past we had an average of one long eruption (lasting 2/3 months) every 2/3 years. Nowadays we have a more intense activity (more eruptions in the same year) that lasts only 2/3 days. There is no danger for tourist and population. The national institute of vulcanology is monitoring everyday the activity and warns population about any risk closing the access to the summit in case of risk of activity. On the other hand our runners coming to Sicily will have a higher probability to assist to some explosions of Etna, as it happens during last 3 editions.


What are the planned islands that will visit you?

The Aeolians islands is a wonderful archipelago of 7 volcanic islands. We will run over 3 islands: Vulcano (still active, we will cross during the race the fumaroles on the edge of the crater); Panarea the smallest and probably the most beautiful island with its breathtaking panorama all over the entire archipelago; Stromboli the most famous island for its incredible volcanic activity (there is an explosion from the summit more or less every 30 minutes… show guarantee!!!


What are the characteristics of this experience that strike and fascinate your athletes the most?

Every single day is a completely different offering different kind of emotions… Probably the steep descent on the black sands of Stromboli is the most memorable experience.


Sicily is also a land rich in taste and flavors. What should your participants expect on the gastronomic front?

Gastronomy is an essential part of Sicily Volcano trail. Sicilian food is the original fusion cuisine, a unique mix of all its diverse cultural heritages. The island has been at the heart of thirteen different empires over the last three millennia, and each one of them has left its mark on the Sicilian housewife’s kitchen cupboard. On the last day we will experience a winery on the slope of Etna to conclude our discovery with a wine tasting.


Why come and run the Volcano Sicily Trail?

The volcano trail it is not just a trail running competition through breathtaking landscapes…. Since the first edition the mission of Sicily Volcano Trail did not change: an incredible and long lasting human experience!


Thanks Gabriele, good luck and have a wonderful experience at Volcano Sicily Trail  2021

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