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The first edition of Mongolia Trail Run started in 2019 was a success. After the stop due to Covid situation Joan Carbonell, organizer of the event and his staff are ready to go with a new renewed edition.
With Joan, we present Mongolia Trail Run 2021 and let's try to the discover this special event.


Hi Joan, runners and trailer wants to back to run. Are you ready to offer a great experience again after this difficult and tortuous period? 
We have been organizing outdoor events for about 20 years and this sports break for safety reasons, we have experienced it as one more obstacle to overcome in event management. We are working together with our local agency in Mongolia and we are all looking forward to the recovery of the event.


How did you manage to face this complicated year?
Because of our entrepreneurial nature, we have not thrown in the towel until the governments have prevented us from doing our job. So with this attitude we were able to mount 3 events between August and September 2020, and we continued with 4 standing events pending to do them as soon as possible. Besides, we have also taken the opportunity to prepare ourselves a little more at a business level and at a personal level, we have taken the opportunity to be more with our family.


Mongolia Trail Run is an experience open to runners and walkers of all levels. What comments did the participants of the first edition give you? Have you fulfilled the expectations of your participants? 
It was a magical moment to get the feedback from the participants of the first edition. They were very happy, not only for the route, the landscapes and the race itself, but also for the local staff and the technical staff, taking care of all the details creating a great experience. We fulfilled the expectations of our runners


Let's imagine there are some news planned, can you give us some anticipation?
For now, the news we have from Mongolia is that their borders are still closed and that thanks to this, they have not had any deaths and only 900 cases of infection. Regarding the race, in the 2021 edition we have added 1 more day right at the end of the race, so we can be relaxed one day in Kharkhorin, contemplating the immensity of this part of the world.


The land that hosts you in addition to being fascinating and magical is rich in traditions, culture and history. Is there a place to which you are more attached and which cannot be missed during these days?
On the one hand, the landscape is fantastic and without realizing it, you get hooked on it at the beginning of the trip. On the other hand, the hospitality of the Mongolian people and their simplicity, quickly reconnecting with our origins. Finally, you can feel the ancient karakhorum, the ancient capital of the Mongolian empire.


Finaly, why should trailers and runners come to run Mongolia Trail Run?
They should come to know the "Far East", a place that thanks to the event they can perform and develop safely and authentically doing one of the activities they like the most, such as running or trekking. And we add two factors to take into account: On the one hand, communication, since the staff guides explain and translate all the information you need, as well as your conversations with the Mongolian people. Finally, to be able to run without having to carry a big weight on your back, with the rural comfort of the place, and without having to manage rations. The staff work to make sure you enjoy running light.


Thanks Joan, good luck and have a wonderfull experience at Mongolia Trail Run 2021.

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