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Sporting activity in Austria is indissolubly linked to the relationship and conformation of its territory. In winter, as in summer, the wide range of events allow you to experience and fully appreciate all the variations and declinations to better enjoy the sport-mountain combination. We talk about it with Thomas Bosnjak, one of the most active Austrian running event organizers. Among the events organized by Thomas we remember: Hochkönigman Trail Running, Kaiserkrone, Kat100 miles and Nassfeld Mountain Skytrails.


Hi Thomas, perhaps a foregone question: how are you experiencing this particular period linked to the pandemic in Austria?

Yes, it is a particularl time. We must not forget that this health situation was predictable. It is our decision how we treat our environment. Animal welfare, environmental protection and climate protection must have top priority for everyone. It is clear that things can no longer continue as in the last few decades. We are lucky that it didn't get any worse. I hope we all learn from it and change our habits. I've been vegan for years and there is also 100% vegan catering at my events. Our refreshment points have vegan meat and all food are Vegan. We don't use helicopters at my events and the route marking is collected and reused. This is what we can do for to protect us and make our thing´s for a better future for the world.

About the pandemic situation and my event are all things clear. We can take 90% of the registration runners from 2020 to 2021 events. Our government are made a law with coupons for the registration runners from 2020 and 10% of the runners take this coupons.
The other thing is, our government support all events in Austria from 01.03.2020 to 22.12.2022. When the events must be cancelled about the pandemic situation, or we need more security and testings, the government support the events. So we have a clear situation and can made some plans to can made our events. So the registration runners doesn´t have to be worry.


The mountain and its uncontaminated environment are considered places where you can take refuge at this time. What are the advantages and disadvantages of organizing a mountain run?

Event is Event. Running Events are easier to made, than music events and when you have a good concept, than you have no problem.


The offer of your events is wide and varied. Which category of running enthusiast do you specifically target?

I´m the chairman of the Austrian Skyrunning and Trailrunning Association and we have in Austria a clear situation, what is trail running and what is skyrunning. We have rules for each discipline. Like the KAT100, a Ultra Trail, it is more than 110km. Hochkönigman Sky race, Kaiserkrone Sky race and Nassfeld-Mountain-Sky race are real sky races and no trail running. A sky race has much technical parts and some parts to climbing. Trail running is for people who like to have adventure and experience in nature.
The runners they like some running trails and like to have a big adventure can run the trail running course. The runner they like technical races can run the sky races. We have for all runner a special program.


What are the news in reserve for this year?

Who know my events, know we designed a special feeling for all runners. We have per event a special program, from acrobatic show, special effects, life music and a big party. The landscape is some difficult per event. We have a big waterpool with 5x10m at Hochkönigman finishline. We have a 300m pink carpet at the last meter before KAT100 finishline. The start/finish from Nassfeld-Mountain-Skytrails is at 1500m and the last 500m to the finishline you run at the skiing pist. The Kaiserkrone Skyrace is one of the hardest Skyraces in the world with a big finish.


Last question: why should runners who love mountain running choose to run one of your proposals?

We love to entertrail u! We are runners and we know what runers like. The runners have per event some special feeling with many magic. The Hochkönigman Skyrace is part of the Skyrunner World Series. At the KAT100 are the Austrian Championships in 100 Miles, at the Kaiserkrone Skyrace are the Austrian Championships in Skyrunning and the Nassfeld-Mountain-Skyrace is the final race from the Austrian Skyrunning Series with 4000 € price money.

The runner from the Nassfeld-Mountain-Skytrails run 50% of the course in Italy and 50% in austria, this is more than trailrunning with some technical parts.

The registered runners have a special function shirt from event, a pasta party, a big goody bag, big refreshment points and a big show at B-TRAIL.Events and I hope I see you this year to can entertrail you.


Thanks Thomas, good luck for all your events scheduled for 2021
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